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Eyelash Package

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Eyelash package

Duo Line it Lash it plus choice of either Champion or Subtle eyelashes by Ellie Mae

DUO Line It Lash It is a excellent lash adhesive that looks like an eyeliner, applies like an eyeliner, provides the prefect eyeliner swipes but holds your lashes like DUO adhesive.

 DUO offers an adhesive that does double duty as a strip lash adhesive and eyeliner. DUO Line It Lash It applies easily
like a traditional eyeliner and offers the long wear of an adhesive. With a swipe of a brush, you have a complete liner
and lash look. No more having to guess on applying your lashes.

  • 2 in 1 DUO both an lash adehsive and eyeliner.
  • Dries in matte black.
  • Easy to use, apply like traditional eyeliner.
  • Time saving products ideal for both your beauty and lash need.
  • Waterproof and long lasting wear.

Champion Lollipop Lashes by Ellie Mae Wheeler

The Champion Lollipop Lash is a simple yet stunning design creating maximum defintion

Perfect for Stage for a champion look! Reusable with up to 10 wears.

Subtle Lollipop Lashes by Ellie Mae Wheeler

The Subtle Lollipop Lash is a lightweight and elegant lash perfect for younger dancers. 

Reusable with up to 10 wears.

The Lashes have been designed by Makeup Artist and champion dancer Ellie Mae Wheeler.

The lashes can be stored in the Lollipop case.